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I have not always been into sports.


I can distinctly remember my PE classes from primary school, where I was expected to jump over boxes, climb ropes and run certain distances.

The horrors!

Oh, I was slightly overweight too!

But then I turned 10, managed to grow into my weight and things got a bit better.

I started to do gymnastics, which was fun, but it still bothered me how most of the girls were slimmer than me. And in my head, if they were thinner, they were better. Not really at gymnastics, more so in life.

And this thought stayed with me for years!

When I got older, I started to do aerobics (dancing to cheesy music, what's not to like) and running races (that I hated but convinced myself that it's something I enjoyed).

And then I had my first boyfriend and got lazy. Eventually I was about 15 pounds heavier. That summer, I went on an amazing holiday with my family but all I can remember to this day, is how I looked on the pictures.


I felt awful.

And although I got rid of all the evidence, I knew:

I never wanted to feel that way ever again!

So day after day I started to do more and more to get into better shape. 

And slowly, I did.

This motivated me to try new things! Started to do circuit and TRX classes, explored the resistance machines in the gym, even a bit of Crossfit and eventually fell in love with free weights.


There's something really empowering about being able to handle weights I never before thought I can lift, especially as a woman!

I fell in love with being active, and it caused a shift in my mindset. It wasn't about how I looked anymore, but about getting stronger. Knowing how accomplished I'll feel after a great session.


And it did wonders to my confidence!

Being an introvert with anxiety, I never thought I could feel at home in a busy gym.

But now it feels like I belong.


And that's a damn good feeling!


 This encouraged me to become a Personal Trainer. 

 Wanting to help others feel the same way I do!

Showing them that they belong in the gym, no matter how they look or what their goal is.

And empowering them with the knowledge they need to be successful on their journey!

But let me tell you, working with people on a variety of personal goals comes with it's own challenges and opportunities to become a better Coach!

I had to familiarize myself with the physical fitness tests for fire fighters and police officers, training adjustments after breast surgery, working around injuries, exercising while pregnant and many more.

And I'm loving every minute of it!

This urge to learn made me delve further into nutrition too, which quickly became my passion as I feel like I can really help make a difference to my clients' lives as a Nutritionist.

Not just by helping them to look a certain way, but more importantly, to feel a certain way!

I pride myself on being thorough and professional but also empathetic and fun.


If these are the qualities you are looking for in your Coach, I'm looking forward to working with you!




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