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Pregnant Yoga


Staying fit should be of utmost priority when getting pregnant for your own and the baby's health.


Unfortunately, there's still a social stigma attached to pregnancy training. That, and the uncertainty of what's safe.

I'd like to make sure, that if you want to keep up your training while pregnant, you gain the confidence and knowledge to do so!

And as pregnancy is just the start of your new journey, know that you can get all the support to pick it up where you left off after giving birth.

We are not focusing on getting your pre-baby body back, rather teach you how to improve this new you!

I am qualified to work with ladies during and after pregnancy in a safe and functional way, by concentrating on motherhood movement patterns and the restoration of core and pelvic floor strength.

Is it time for you to be as strong as a mother?


Pre-Natal Coaching

Pregnancy training is for you if you want to

  • stay fit throughout your pregnancy

  • learn which exercises are safe

  • reduce physical discomfort due to your changing body

  • prepare for motherhood movement patterns with functional weight training

  • feel like a hot mama

Post-Natal Coaching

Training after a baby is for you if you want to

  • learn effective core strengthening exercises or you suffer from diastasis recti

  • restore connection to your pelvic floor

  • get back on track with your fitness

  • improve your body confidence post baby

Staying in Shape
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