Nutrition should be easy.

Instead, it's way too overcomplicated nowadays, making it nearly impossible to figure out what is true and what will work for us.

But it does not have to be that way!

Take your health into your own hands and reach out to get the comprehensive nutrition programme that you deserve!

I am an MNU Certified Nutritionist, working with evidence based techniques.


Here at PRIORITIZE U, the emphasise is on whole health, meaning rather than treating a problem, I concentrate on the person as a whole being while considering all facets of their health:

This is an obvious one, as for many people the goal is to improve several aspects of their physical health (better mobility, improved health markers, etc).


It is so important to find methods that enable us to still enjoy our social life. Some habits might need to change, but that should always be realistic to our circumstances.

If someone's diet consumes almost their every thought and their whole life revolves around training and nutrition, it probably is time for a change.

We must gather enough knowledge to be able to make decisions on how to achieve our goals meanwhile trying to make sure that the information is valid and in our best interest.

We really have to stop wasting our money on stuff that at best might only make a marginal difference to achieving our goals, and instead prioritize the ones that actually help us improve our lifestyle.

We should aim to find methods that align with our core values best, and work towards creating an overall healthy relationship with food and training.


Nutrition Consult

90 minutes

This service is suited to anyone who wants a one-off meeting and get their nutrition questions answered, their current dietary practices assessed and to be given the key information needed to achieve their goals. You will receive immediate, evidence based, professional feedback relating to your specific situation and/or any misconceptions you may have surrounding nutriton.


Monthly Support

1 month

This service is to provide further support following the initial Nutrition Consult. Includes weekly contact (phone or online) to ensure progress is tracked effectively and efficiently and small tweaks & updates to your personalised plan as and when needed.


Nutrition Package

1 month

This service package is suited to the proactive individual who not only wants to be educated to have the right tools and skills to make seamless lifelong changes to their eating habits and significantly improve their body composition/health/performance, but also recognises the importance of ongoing accountability and support.

Personal Requests

(to be discussed)


Based on your individual needs, you may request further nutritional services and/or support that are not detailed above. These can include, but are not limited to: example meal plans, home-visits, shopping guides, supplementation regimes, etc. For such requests please contact me directly to receive a personalized quote.

Follow-up Consultation

60 minutes

This service is suited to anyone who has undertaken the initial Nutrition Consult and would like additional support to ensure ongoing progress. Appointments can be made in advance or on an ad-hoc basis to tweak plans, ask any further questions, change personal goals, break through plateaus, etc.

(Within 3 months of the initial Consult)

Skinfold Caliper Testing

~45 minutes


This service is suited to anyone who wants to track their body composition changes quickly and easily. This service includes an 8-site body fat assessment using the standardised techniques outlined by ISAK. (This service is also available on its own.)

What service(s) are you interested in?

Client Testimonials

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Rita clearly brings a wealth of evidence-based health and fitness knowledge, which she explains very well. She answered all my questions on topics ranging from nutrition to training programmes, and I particularly liked that she didn't just give textbook answers, but really discussed how I could adapt my existing schedule and eating habits.


I would highly recommend Rita to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and fitness.

Rita is professional, supportive and knowledgeable.


She is an incredible motivator- she has even managed to get me out of bed on Saturday mornings to go to training!


She can push you gently to achieve your goals and knows exactly how far to challenge you so that you achieve your best each time.


Each session is exciting and fun, and I can already see and feel a difference in my fitness levels.

I have been training with Rita for 13 months now and the results are incredible!


My aim was to lose weight and tone up across all areas. Not only can I see and feel the difference within myself but friends and family can see my transformation too!


Having recently joined the police, Rita went above and beyond to ensure I passed my fitness test!

Rita is one of the most dedicated and hard working individuals that I have had the pleasure of guiding me through my journey to reach my pique physical condition.


She demonstrates an impressively exceptional knowledge, but always has time to have a laugh and joke.


Whilst always being friendly and maintaining a supportive and positive attitude she has inspired me to achieve and surpass my own goals.

Training with Rita has been fantastic!!


I chose her as she's approachable and very soon after starting chatting I could tell she's knowledgeable too.


She sets realistic (but challenging!) workouts and I've already hit my first goal of weightloss (over 14lbs) and lowering my body fat percentage.


The sessions are varied and she clearly sets out what I need to do, showing me each exercise.


Gloria C.

Claire C.

Ed F.

Duncan J.