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  • You want to lose weight but are unsure how to get started

  • You have tried every diet under the sun, but nothing worked for you long-term

  • You want to know what is important and what isn't when it comes to fat loss

  • You need the initial guidance but don't need constant direction

  • You want to learn more about nutrition, and how to make your diet work for You

  • You'd like to be part of the Squad and share your experiences, struggles, and successes with like-minded people

  • You are looking for a cost-efficient solution to take your nutrition into your own hands



Your personalized fat loss metrics, including the following:

  • Your Body Mass Index

  • Your ideal weight range

  • Your Basal Metabolic Rate calculation

  • Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure calculation

  • Your deficit calorie target calculation

  • Your realistic rate of weight loss

  • Your realistic time frame to get to your goal weight

  • Your protein intake recommendation

A Nutrition Manual to explain all the above, with evidence-based methods and suggestions to help you achieve the best results

  • The fundamentals of weight management

  • How to set up your weight loss diet and how your personalized recommendations were calculated

  • Your ultimate guide to macros

  • Your macro cheat sheet

  • How and why to monitor your progress

  • Why sleep is important for weight loss

  • How to make dieting easier

  • Alcohol and caffeine recommendations

  • Considerations around the menstrual cycle

Members-only Facebook group

  • You can ask your questions in a semi-private way

  • You can explain your struggles to get advice from me and the Squad

  • You can share your experiences to help each other

  • You can celebrate your successes with the Squad



  • a meal plan

  • specific dietary advice (if you suffer from any dietary issues, we can discuss whether the Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching program would be a suitable option for You, or if you should consult a doctor/dietitian instead)

  • a comprehensive nutrition plan personalized to You 

  • fully personalized ongoing coaching

  • a workout plan or training advice

  • results without putting in the work yourself


  • You can apply to join at any time!

  • You need your phone/computer, access to email and your Facebook account to get started

  • You'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire to get your Personalized Fat Loss Metrics

  • You'll receive your Metrics and your Nutrition Manual after processing your payment

  • Apply to the Facebook group to join the Squad

  • Your initial payment will provide you with 1-month access to the members-only Facebook group

  • You can renew your membership to the Facebook group every month by becoming a VIP

Nutrition Manual

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Rita clearly brings a wealth of evidence-based health and fitness knowledge, which she explains very well. She answered all my questions on topics ranging from nutrition to training programmes, and I particularly liked that she didn't just give textbook answers, but really discussed how I could adapt my existing schedule and eating habits.


I would highly recommend Rita to anyone looking to improve their nutrition and fitness.

Rita is professional, supportive and knowledgeable.


She is an incredible motivator- she has even managed to get me out of bed on Saturday mornings to go to training!


She can push you gently to achieve your goals and knows exactly how far to challenge you so that you achieve your best each time.


Each session is exciting and fun, and I can already see and feel a difference in my fitness levels.

I have been training with Rita for 13 months now and the results are incredible!


My aim was to lose weight and tone up across all areas. Not only can I see and feel the difference within myself but friends and family can see my transformation too!


Having recently joined the police, Rita went above and beyond to ensure I passed my fitness test!

Rita is one of the most dedicated and hard working individuals that I have had the pleasure of guiding me through my journey to reach my pique physical condition.


She demonstrates an impressively exceptional knowledge, but always has time to have a laugh and joke.


Whilst always being friendly and maintaining a supportive and positive attitude she has inspired me to achieve and surpass my own goals.

Training with Rita has been fantastic!!


I chose her as she's approachable and very soon after starting chatting I could tell she's knowledgeable too.


She sets realistic (but challenging!) workouts and I've already hit my first goal of weightloss (over 14lbs) and lowering my body fat percentage.


The sessions are varied and she clearly sets out what I need to do, showing me each exercise.


Gloria C.

Claire C.

Ed F.

Duncan J.