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Nutrition Manual

The PRIORITIZE U Nutrition Manual is perfect for you, if

  • You want to lose weight but are unsure how to get started

  • You have tried every diet under the sun, but nothing worked for you long-term

  • You want to know what is important and what isn't when it comes to fat loss

  • You need the initial guidance but don't need constant direction

  • You want to learn more about nutrition, and how to make your diet work for You

  • You are looking for a cost-efficient solution to take your nutrition into your own hands



Your personalized fat loss metrics, including the following:

  • Your Body Mass Index

  • Your ideal weight range

  • Your Basal Metabolic Rate calculation

  • Your Total Daily Energy Expenditure calculation

  • Your deficit calorie target calculation

  • Your realistic rate of weight loss

  • Your realistic time frame to get to your goal weight

  • Your protein intake recommendation

A Nutrition Manual to explain all the above, with evidence-based methods and suggestions to help you achieve the best results

  • The fundamentals of weight management

  • How to set up your weight loss diet and how your personalized recommendations were calculated

  • Your ultimate guide to macros

  • Your macro cheat sheet

  • How and why to monitor your progress

  • Why sleep is important for weight loss

  • How to make dieting easier

  • Alcohol and caffeine recommendations

  • Considerations around the menstrual cycle


  • a meal plan

  • specific dietary advice (if you suffer from any dietary issues, we can discuss whether the Comprehensive Nutrition Coaching program would be a suitable option for You, or if you should consult a doctor/dietitian instead)

  • a comprehensive nutrition plan personalized to You 

  • fully personalized ongoing coaching

  • a workout plan or training advice

  • results without putting in the work yourself


  • You can apply for the PRIORITIZE U Nutrition Manual at any time

  • You'll be asked to fill out a questionnaire to get your Personalized Fat Loss Metrics

  • You'll receive your Metrics and your Nutrition Manual within 5 working days after processing your payment


Nutrition Manual


50% off for existing clients

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