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Hi there!

Hi there!

Welcome to PRIORITIZE U!

No more one size fits all training plans or fad diets!

Instead, get the coaching programme that's tailored to you, your lifestyle and personal needs!

Using a holistic evidence-based approach to improve your body composition, physical fitness, body image and mental wellbeing, I'll make achieving your goals my priority, all I need is you do the same!

Be the best possible version of yourself... starting today!




I am a strong believer that training is not a way of punishing ourselves for raiding the fridge last night, but an opportunity to appreciate how strong our bodies can be!


This is why I feel it's so important that we always set performance-based goals as well as aesthetic ones.

Whether you want to build muscle, tone up, or just get moving, my personalized training regime will help you achieve a wide range of fitness goals.

Diet Plan

Improving our relationship with food while achieving the desired physique - definitely something to aspire to!

So is optimising our nutrition to boost training performance!


I can help you find the best evidence-based approach that's realistic, fits your lifestyle and, first and foremost:

is sustainable for you!

You will learn what's important, so that you'll never be misled by false diet claims ever again!

Pre- and Post-Natal Coaching

It's for you if you want to stay fit throughout your pregnancy, learn which exercises are safe, reduce physical discomfort due to your changing body and prepare for motherhood movement patterns with functional weight training.

You will learn effective core strengthening exercises, restore connection to your pelvic floor and improve your body confidence post baby while giving yourself time to heal (especially if you suffer from diastasis recti).



Rita Holp

Cambridge, UK


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